Card Shower

Hello Readers!

I welcome you here to the page I've created for my Card Shower. Thanks to the kindness of a fellow Enabler on one of my favorite Facebook groups, I have been inspired to do try and reach out to fellow paper crafters for help on something that is very special to my heart.

There is a friend of mine who I've grown close to over the years, working with her at our job. (Jungle Jim's International Market.) We worked side-by-side in the liquor store there for many long evenings but I've since gone on to work in another department. She always takes the time to ask about my sons every time I see her. She has purchased some of my artwork for her granddaughter and she truly values the time and effort an artist takes to put into their creations.

She is a very kind woman, she is from California and has a very free spirited personality & a July birthday.  Recently she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with some of it spreading into her vertebrae. This past week she began her treatments, it's all very sudden for her and they're moving quickly on getting her started with the process. She moved in with a friend and has a long fight ahead of her.

I've shared some of my work that I'm doing on a scrapbook for her, using photos of our Jungle Family holding encouraging signs wishing her well. I would also like to shower her with words of kindness, prayer and encouragement in the form of greeting cards or postcards.

Would you like to share some handmade kindness?

Due to her recent move, I would like to have the cards sent to my place and then I will surprise her with a box once I've gotten them collected. I hope that she can open a card or two whenever she's feeling down or needs a little pick-me-up, knowing that there are people out there pulling for you can really make a difference some days.

Notes: I would like to keep the cards light in nature (nothing that would bring her down or make her sad) and could even have a bit of snark. She has a great sense of humor. "smiles" would be a great way to go, beach themed cards since she LOVES the ocean, prayers, thinking of you, feel better soon, etc. would all be great. Even just something pretty like butterflies, tie dye or a shaker. doesn't even have to have a sentiment.

She will love this so so so much.

Please send any and all cards to:

Smiles for Sue
3857 Woodridge Blvd #11
Fairfield Ohio 45014

I will leave them sealed & package them up in a nice beautiful box and give them to her once I get some saved up for her.

Thank you for your time and generosity


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