This website is designed to give the world an insight into my life as a Mother and an Artist.
Right now, I'm utilizing the site as a Project365 blog, where I post a photo from every day out of the year.

My name is Geneva. I'm from a small town outside of Cincinnati. I am the Mother of two young boys, whom you will see A LOT of if you follow along.  They are Genesis and Tsyler.

a.k.a. My Heart && Soul.

They're wild, crazy && just about the two coolest toddlers you'll ever meet.  Definitely each one-of-a-kind in their own rights. {and no, they're not twins, if you're curious.}  Anyone that knows me, knows that these boys are the very most important thing to me... which puts them in the limelight of my photos.  I will enjoy getting to look back and reminisce on these times later on in life.  The perk is learning to take better photos as I go along.

It won't be perfect.  The photos won't always be on time, they won't always be the prettiest or most well-composed pictures, but they're mine... true to the heart.  Occasionally I will feature a "Guest Everyday Photographer," some days I will share a Collage {when I can't choose just one} or I'll share an image that isn't exactly a photograph, but more along the lines of screenshots or images I stumble across.

I've attempted this once before, but failed. The photos were poor, posts uninteresting, and I was just flat-out overwhelmed. Thanks to my spiffy new iPhone 5, the task has become MUCH easier in the last 3 years. This time, I vow to see it through until the end, and have the year printed from the blog into a family "year book." It's important to me now.

Anyway --

Thanks for reading, I hope you follow along as we lead into 2014, and with any luck, I will do this thing again next year!!!

x Geneva

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