Stamping Enablers


If you've joined me from the link posted on the giveaway over on the Facebook group "Stamping Enablers" I just want to say thank you for taking a chance to look around. I haven't posted to my Project365 in quite some time, but if you can find your way to the Awesome Projects area, you can see some of my favorite work that I've done in the past.

Two lucky winners will receive a package of rubber stamps that I am purging from my stash mailed to them free of charge. I hope they get put to good use in their new environment! If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Please visit my Etsy shop before you go,

I like to make Christmas Stockings, but I also do custom projects, anywhere from Tie dye to Cards & Invitations. Let me know how I can make your life more awesome today!

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