November 2014

November is always a crazy time of year in this family. School is in full swing, the weather gets colder, the holidays are approaching so I'm in high-gear for crafting, Tsyler has a birthday mid-month... and it never really slows down from here until after the new year. This November, I got really excited for a line of products called Jamberry Nails. They're basically like stickers that you apply to your fingernails instead of polish. They're supposed to be longer lasting & chip-free. I also got back into production of this years batch of AwesomeSocks! I had a customer order a set from my online Etsy shop for her entire family! They looked so fantastic all hanging together! Dreams are coming true, as I'm selling my product all across the country! This month we also found out from the doctors that G's broken arm is all healed up and the bones are stronger than ever! Way to go, baby boy! Lets see what December has in store for us, shall we!

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