Day 004 - January 4, 2014

We took an impromptu trip out to visit my mom and my brother, so that the boys could play with Emma. Tsyler didn't want to get ready, so he stayed behind with Daddy. Genesis & I first went to Harbin Park in Fairfield for his first time ever going sledding. We took 3 trips down the hill and the 3rd trip up resulted in G getting a fat lip and bruised face so that was the end of that. It was sooooOOOOoooo cold, so we didn't need to be out long, anyway. When we left the park we headed out to Blanchester. I pull up and get out of the car to be greeted by their grumpy old stupid rooster. He's a pretty bird, especially out on all that white snow. He reminds me of foghorn leghorn ;) icky says his name is Dumplins, though. We were watching him from the kitchen window as he sat in a sunny spot on the road, cleaning his feathers just waiting for him to get smacked by a car. {like i said, stupid rooster...} When Genesis seen the rooster in the road, he asked my mom,

"Mamaw, why did your chicken go in the road?" and, without missing a beat, she casually replied, "to get to the other side." hahahaha

**updated 01-10-14** another cool Auto Awesome photo!

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