Day 337 - December 3, 2013

Well, I finally broke down and opened up the Christmas decorations. I loved, more than anything else, finding the handmade stuff from last year including the ORIGINAL awesome socks and a handmade ornament from a dear friend, Elizabeth Wells. The deal was, last year, that Kevin and I would "share custody" of the tree, and that this year we'd have a "tuxedo" tree {black and white theme}. Well… I didn't feel the need to go out and waste a bunch of money investing in all new decor so we are going with the bright and colorful again. I love it so much, anyway, why stray from what we love? Honestly though, I spent too much time rushing to get all this stuff ready for the craft show {that's only FOUR days away!!!} and didn't take the time to hand-make our stuff for home. Shame on me!!! Better luck next year, I suppose.

You'll be seeing a lot of our elf in the coming weeks!

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