Day 327 - November 23, 2013

Today was a pretty big step for me! I participated in my first ever 5k walk.

the 13th Annual Fairfield Family YMCA Turkey Trot 5k Run/Walk and Kids Mile Run.

Proceeds benefit the LiveStrong Cancer program that they feature, for patients and survivors. It's a wonderful program.

Anyway, I wasn't out for speed… and I literally had NO IDEA what to expect, but I got up super early, layered up on clothes because it was FREEZING out, and I headed down to Waterworks park. I was super bummed when my iPhone died as I passed the 2nd mile marker. It must've been from the temperature, because it still had 40%+ battery life. I had only gotten through one album of Paramore. One other walker had a stroller with screaming kids in it so it made it a little less peaceful, but that's the same situation I would've been in had I brought my kids along. I honestly didn't even know you could bring them or I may have went and dragged our double stroller outta storage just for the heck of it.

I had never been back as far as we walked with the path… I had no idea the Miracle League Field was back there and the beautiful walking path. New spot for next year to go and ride bikes! Yay!

I was nearly last across the finish line at 1:03ish but I was more interested in the experience, not the end result. I honestly had no idea about all of the awards and recognition at the end. Certainly wasn't expecting my photo to be taken or to receive a medal. It was kinda nice.

Next time, look out… cuz I know what I'm doing now! (:

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