Day 298 - October 25th, 2013

We had a VERY busy day today!

First, Genesis and I woke up while it was still dark out and we dragged our butts up to his school for the "Midgees with Mom" breakfast activity. They brought in coffee and dunkin donuts and we all made a craft with our child. It was really cute. He didn't want to wake up until he got all the way in the gymnasium and seen the scissors on the table.

Afterward, we cruised on up to Meijer to buy a new winter coat {since it's snow weather now, apparently?!} for Genesis that will fit over his cast, and also, so that Tsyler can wear the coat Genesis wore last year this year. Gotta love having kids of the same gender so close in age. Only buying one set of clothes and just passing them down from kid to kid. We picked some apples and bananas up while we were there. G-Rayne LOOOOOVES him some apples.

Then, Most importantly, I took Genesis to his doctor appointment for his cast. They removed the green one and took X-Rays of the progress/healing. It looked good enough for them to yank {and I do mean LITERALLY} the pins out of his elbow but there's still one particular spot they're watching to see if it fills in. I was very insistent that they put him in another cast for my own sense of sanity. I've seen how many times he's fallen with that green cast on… I can't imagine him falling with NO cast on right now. I'm not ready for that. His new cast is brightly adorned with a beautiful pink Breast Cancer Awareness stripe. I had a feeling his daddy was going to throw a fit when he seen it {and he kinda did} but Genesis was very insistent that it was okay he wanted it. The guy across from him in the cast room was getting one too; he must've thought it was cool. They had him all wrapped back up and he was back at school for class at 12:25p.

Big day for my little guy.

Back to arm doctor in 2 weeks to check the progress.

{oh yeah, there' still no progress on the nerve damage in his index finger; doctor said that if nothing changes within 6-9 months of the accident we may want to consider surgery. stay tuned.}

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