Day 274 - October 1, 2013


These are just some of my "" caps. Each lid is worth 3 points and you can redeem them for great prizes on their website. This summer, I was able to get free Kings Island tickets, free Quarter Pounders from McDonalds, and more.

I also collect Pampers codes, Kellogg's Family Rewards codes, Stouffer's Dinner Club codes, and Box Tops for Education pieces, too.

These things are all around you if you just take the time to look. They're inside of your Cheez-It boxes, Pop Tarts, Waffles, Keebler Cookies, etc. You just have to take the time to save them and enter them in online. Some companies, like Coca Cola, limit the amount of points you can enter per week {lame!} and some have better reward catalog selections than the others. We've already redeemed 5800 Pampers points for a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe car for the kids :) they love it. It was their first toy when we moved into our current apartment.

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