Day 252 - September 9, 2013

Well, here it is!!! Another fun DIY photo project made possible with the help of Shutterfly and their amazing photo products!!!

I had gotten this "FLORIDA" cutout mat board while we were on a Vacation day-trip to Clearwater Beach on July 16th. There were vendors set up all along the pier {pictured in the "O" spot} and this was my souvenir for myself. $15 well spent, in my opinion! It was an older gentleman selling prints of his own personal photography from all around FL. This was the only piece like this. Everything else was plain and simple. I knew I absolutely HAD to have it!

I ordered my 101 free prints for entering the Walter Mitty Photo Contest that I heard about on Twitter and these were just some of the great ones I took on our vacation.

Note:: the mat board isn't really that tan color; I added a filter to allow contrast from the white frame around the pictures. Collages like this are always created using the iPhone app PicStitch.

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