This post is more like a rant and i apologize in advance lol. The picture you see here is the microwave at work. With, thats right, 5 seconds left on the timer thing. That might not bother most people but it literally IRRITATES ME TO DEATH. Those seconds are left there by the same individual who pours coffee straight out of the pot and puts their mug into the microwave to HEAT IT UP EVEN MORE. The same individual who gets up from their desk over 15 times to REHEAT their coffee throughout the day. No exaggeration... I've counted. I don't know what the point is in leaving 5 seconds on the microwave... I mean maybe those seconds will make the cup just absolutely too hot to handle but i seriously doubt it. And thats what the freakin CLEAR button is for. That i end up having to push when i come in behind you anyway!!! UGH! Get real!

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